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A study of hemostimulating properties of Glutoxim in non-small cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC) patients undergoing cytostatic chemotherapy.


V.A.Gorbunova, N.V.Mindra, L.A.Kozhemyakin, I.V.Ose.
Russian Academy of Medical Sciences Oncology Research Center, Moscow, GSC “VAM – Research Laboratories, St.-Petersburg, GSC “PHARMA VAM”, Moscow.


Purpose: To study the efficacy of Glutoxim in preventing hematological toxicity of anti-tumor chemotherapy; to evaluate therapeutic efficacy of Vepezide + Cisplatin treatment concomitantly with Glutoxim therapy.

Methods: Within the framework of the study with a case history control group, stage III-IV NSCLC patients received chemotherapy according to the following regimen: Vepezide 100 mg/m2 intravenously on days 1-3, Cisplatin 100 mg/m2 intravenously on day 3, Glutoxim 60 mg intramuscularly for 4 days before chemotherapy course, 90 mg intravenously on days 1-3, 60 mg intramuscularly on days 4-6 and subsequently 30 mg intramuscularly every other day until the beginning of the next course of chemotherapy. Clinical blood analysis was performed every week.

Results: Thirty 49-74year old patients received 124 chemotherapy courses. Results of 103 courses were evaluated for toxicity according to WHO criteria. Leucopenia: I-II degree — 48 (46.6%) courses, III-IV degree — 5 (4.85%) courses, not registered — 50 (48.55%) courses. Neutropenia: I-II degree — 54 (52.43%) courses, III-IV degree — 12 (11.65%) courses, not registered — 37 (35.92%) courses. Thrombocytopenia: I-II degree — 17 (16.5%) courses, III degree — 6 (5.83%) courses, in 80 (77.67%) courses no decrease of platelet count was observed. Anemia: I-II degree — 58 (56.31%) courses, III degree — 7 (6.80%) courses, not registered — 38 (36.89%) courses. No cases of IV degree anemia or thrombocytopenia or episodes of febrile neutropenia were registered. In 1 patient III degree anemia necessitated administration of erythropoietin. Treatment efficacy was evaluated in 29 patients. Partial effect, stabilization and disease progress were observed in 10 (34.48%), 12 (41.38%) and 7 (24.14%) patients, respectively; tumor growth control was observed in 75.86% of patients.

Conclusions: Standard chemotherapy according to ER regimen does not cause profound hematological toxicity when given concomitantly with Glutoxim therapy.


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