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Experience of using Glutoxim in oncological patients.


S.V.Odintsov, A.P.Nikolaev, N.N.Vinogradova.
Central Clinical Hospital, Medical center at the RF Presidential Administration, Moscow.

Purpose: To evaluate the ability of Glutoxim to induce anti-tumor immunity in the interests of improving the quality of life and anti-tumor therapy tolerance in oncological patients.

Methods: 126 patients were treated, including 49 patients with lung cancer, 30 patients with breast cancer, 14 patients with skin melanoma, 12 patients with colorectal cancer, 6 patients with ovarian carcinoma, 4 patients with gastric carcinoma and 4 patients with liver carcinoma. Other cases included kidney carcinoma, cervical carcinoma, primary multiple carcinoma and one case of cancer with unclear primary localization. The first group (44 patients) received Glutoxim concomitantly with 2nd or 3rd echelon therapy for ovarian carcinoma, breast cancer or lung cancer. The second group (32 patients) of patients with incurable forms of cancer (melanoma, lung cancer, liver carcinoma, gastric carcinoma) received Glutoxim as symptomatic therapy. In the third group (50 patients) Glutoxim was administered with the aim of prolonging chemotherapy courses in patients with drastically lowered blood parameters (breast cancer, colorectal cancer, primary multiple carcinoma).

Results: Good clinical effect was observed. Chemotherapy tolerance improved, clinical and biochemical blood parameters restored rapidly. Concomitant Glutoxim therapy was associated with clinically obvious signs of improved chemotherapy tolerance. Glutoxim monotherapy improved general clinical condition of the patients, prevented cytopenia and secondary immune deficiency, and accelerated rehabilitation after each treatment stage. No side effects or adverse reactions were registered.

Conclusions: Glutoxim is effective as chemotherapy-accompanying drug in oncological patients and possesses a marked symptomatic effect in incurable patients.


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