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Vestn Khir Im I I Grek. 2001;160(4):32-8.

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Clinico-experimental basis for regional and systemic administration of thiopoietins in liver cirrhosis. Report I.

[Article in Russian].

Borisov AE, Kozhemiakin LA, Antushevich AE, Ketlinskaia OS, Kashenko VA, Chepur SV, Katsalukha VV, Vasiukova EL, Novichenkov AO, Motushchuk IE.

The authors present results of studying the effectiveness of a new class of medicines--preparations of the group "Glutoxim" (Molixan, Redoxell, Bikvolit, Liglutin) obtained on the model of experimental cirrhosis of the liver in 76 white rats caused by dimethylnitrosamin, and describe their first experience with using thiopoietins in 24 patients with cirrhosis of the liver in a surgical clinic. It was found that three weeks of treatment with Molixan and Bikvolit gave a significant hepatoprotecting effect (less amount of the connective tissue, reduction of the dystrophic processes in hepatocytes). A positive effect of Redoxell was shown in longer time of treatment. When used in clinic therapy with thiopoietins was followed by correction of the T-cell link of immunity in most patients. One of the most important results of treatment with medicines of the group of thiopoietins was a substantial improvement of the quality of life of the patients.