Thiopoietins: a new generation of immunomodulators.

On the basis of original concepts developed by BAM Ltd. (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) experts, have been created and introduced into medical practice:

  • a theory and methodology for designing of medical agents with preset properties, which are analogs of key peptide metabolites, regulating the MDR-genes, p53, p21 and cycline-dependent protein kinases systems;
  • the medical agents group that represents a new substances' class, named Thiopoietins, acting as system cell protectors, immunomodulators and hemopoietic factors.

 A specific drugs' feature is their ability for diferenziated impact on normal and transfomed (including virus infected) cells. Infact, under the influence of thiopoietins, proliferation and differentiation of the normal cells are stimulated as well as process of the genetically programmed cell death (apoptosis) in the transformed cells are activated. Having a unique capability of inducing p53-dependent and p53-independent apoptosis pathways in the transformend cells only, the above said drugs pricipally increase the cancer cells sensitivity to conventional anticancer drugs. Through activation of the normal cell metabolism, proliferation and differentiation, thiopoietins simultaneously increase the normal cell resistance against chemotherapy impacts preventing hepato-, nephro-, cardio- and nurotoxicity.

Considering molecular mechanisms of action (modulation of endogenous production of the wide cytokines range, reproduction of the p53, p21 and ras-proteins' effects), the medical indication of thiopoietins is a new level of immunological support for the antibacterial, antiviral and antitumor chemo- and radiotherapy.

Thus the matter in hand is the novel methodology, even the novel ideology of antitumor and antiviral chemotherapy, which provides absolutely new treatment efficacy and patients'quality of life.

Two drugs are up to now approved for human use and these are Glutoxim and Molixan .


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