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Probl Tuberk. 2003;(7):42-7.

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Immunological changes in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis during glutoxim therapy.

[Article in Russian].

Knoring BE, Avetisian AO, El'kin AV, Kozhemiakin LA, Simbirtsev AS, Sakharova IIa, Loginova GP, Pigareva NV, Levashev IuN.

The paper deals with the effect of glutoxim included into a preoperative preparation regimen on immunological parameters in patients with fibrocavernous pulmonary tuberculosis. On admission, all the patients had inadequate cellular immunity and activated humoral immunity. After termination of a course of glutoxim therapy, there was an increase in the baseline low values of lymphocytic proliferative activity, in the count of mature T lymphocytes, and in the production of IL-2 induced by phytohemagglutinin. At the same time the similar parameters remained unchanged in the control group. The drug exerted the most noticeable stimulating effect on cellular immunity in patients with a limited process. Glutoxim produced no noticeable effect on humoral immunity. The immunomodulating effect of glutoxim was followed by improvement of the clinical and X-ray pictures of the disease. In glutoxim-treated patients with baseline immunological disorders, progression was found to occur 1.5-2 times more infrequently than in the control group. Indications for the use of glutoxim in the treatment of tuberculosis are specified on the basis of the baseline immunological parameters of each patient.


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