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Antibiot Khimioter. 2002;47(2):20-3.

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Glutoxim in the complex treatment of tuberculosis.

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Sokolova GB, Sinitsyn MV, Kozhemiakin LA, Perelman MI.

Research Institute of Phthisiopulmonology, I. M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy, ZAO VAM-Research Laboratories, St-Peterburg.

Results of Glutoxim investigation are presented. Glutoxim is the the drug of the new class--thiopoietins. It is considered to be immunorehabilitator as it modulates intracellular process of thiols metabolism, initiates cytokins system, activates phagocytosis etc. Results of the glutoxim administration at the 42 patients with tuberculosis using traditional treatment regimes are presented. Results of the randomized study at the patients with severe disseminated drug-sensitive and drug-resistant pulmonary tuberculosis demonstrated high efficacy of the glutoxim and its good tolerability. Glutoxim administration allowed to shorten the period of tuberculosis intoxication signs disappearance, to shorten the period of sputum negativation and shortened the period of pulmonary inflammation reverse process. Glutoxim application was specially favorable at the patients with severe tuberculosis complicated by viral or medicamental hepatitis.

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